Creative Health Toolkit: Illustrative Examples - Toolkit Terms


In agreeing to these Toolkit Terms, you are agreeing that the information, data, and images submitted as an Illustrative Example can be used by the National Centre for Creative Health (NCCH) for publication on the Creative Health Toolkit website and for purposes related to dissemination of the Creative Health Toolkit. NCCH will never share this data with any third party.

As part of this agreement you acknowledge and agree that you: 


  • hold rights to the image/s uploaded or have permission on rights
  • have permission for use from any individual captured in the image/s
  • hold a record of these permissions
  • have included the correct image/s credit



  • hold rights to the information given or have permission on rights
  • have permission to share the information given 
  • have included the correct information to the best of your knowledge

 Your agreement constitutes an understanding that all Illustrative Example Submissions may be edited by NCCH if required, and NCCH cannot guarantee publication of any submission.

NCCH will let you know in such cases.