Example of: Creative Health and self management of cancer

Various 'bitesize' examples

Artlift has partnered with Macmillan Cancer Support to co-produce a bespoke offer for adults living with and beyond cancer. Flourish includes courses of 8 – 12 sessions and individualised ‘Creative Check-ins’ with artists, as well as opportunities to share work and celebrate with family members. Participants have reported improved sleep and feelings of wellbeing, strengthened social connections, as well as positive impact on family members and, in some cases, end of life plans.

Move Dance Feel: A Dance Project for Women Living With or Beyond Cancer (2019) expressed feelings about cancer experience. Participants reported enhanced wellbeing related to positive emotions, connection, self-expression and accomplishment and demonstrated meaningful increases in self-reported ‘flourishing’. The programme had an impact on stress and anxiety and body image and reduced fatigue.

The Arts Officer at the Royal Marsden Cancer Centre explores ways of encouraging people living with cancer to communicate and improve their experience of their care by participating in art curating. The Arts and Health programme at the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre offers a range of creative activities and performances for patients and staff, as well as a collection of artwork to enhance the environment of its cancer centres. 

Fresh Arts on Referral (2019) - Cancer, chronic pain and dementia sufferers were referred to a 6 week arts programme and found significant increases in wellbeing among cancer patients, who reported the programme provided a safe space to express emotions and make sense of their experiences. 

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