Example of: Creative Health in specialist mental health settings

Various 'bitesize' examples

The transition from inpatient services to the community can be smoothed through the arts. Raw Material is a youth-led music organisation in Brixton. 75 percent of referrals to its Raw Sounds mental health programme come from a Black or ethnic minority background, providing evening access from hospital wards (primarily SLaM) and the community.

Core Arts, which promotes mental health through the arts in Hackney, particularly among Black and ethnic minority males, estimates savings through avoided hospital admissions of up to £2.58 for every £1 invested.

Hospital Rooms commissions contemporary artists to make artworks to enhance mental health inpatients across the UK. Examples include working with artists, patients and staff to create artworks for the Hellingly Centre, a forensic mental health unit in Sussex.

The Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust has developed Arts for Health, using creative activity to support the recovery of service users, both as inpatients and in the community.

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