Example of: Creative Health supporting employment

Various 'bitesize examples

The Gloucestershire GEM Project (Going the Extra Mile) is an employability and social inclusion programme, delivered by a partnership of over 50 community based organisations managed by Gloucestershire Gateway Trust on behalf of the lead organisation Gloucestershire County Council.  GEM Project helps people in Gloucestershire to overcome challenges to employment and move them closer towards or into work. The organisation Art Shape is a partner.

Art Shape’s employability programme consists of various creative development courses, that focus on creative and practical techniques which could be used in a professional environment.

The ‘State of Flux 2.0’ case study from Ludus Dance describes using the arts to support soft and hard skills development, to reduce social isolation and develop self-worth and aspirations in young people from The Cove (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service CAMHS), Heysham.  Outcomes include young people being inspired to use the skills learnt to explore career options.

Beating Time runs three prison programmes aimed at helping people put prison behind them and build lives they want to live. ‘Choirs Beating Time’ serve their communities whilst preserving mental health, as people who feel excluded and have poor mental health cannot find, or make, work.  ‘Inside Job’ is an in-prison recruitment consultancy, and ‘Upstart’, helps entrepreneurial prisoners play to their strengths.

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