Example of: Funded Creative Health pilots

Torbay Culture Arts, Health and Wellbeing Pilot Programme

After the development of a Cultural Strategy that included objectives to ‘harness the health and wellbeing benefits of culture’ the Torbay Culture Board and Torbay Community Development Trust jointly commissioned a scoping study, Arts and Culture for Health and Wellbeing in Torbay:  Arts and Culture on Referral which was used to inform a successful Arts Council England bid and a successful application to the Health Foundation to deliver a 2 year Arts on Referral Pilot Programme. 


The learning from this pilot was extended through a successful bid to the Great Place Scheme, where relationships between the creative and health sectors continued and deepened, leading to direct commissioning of further Creative Health solutions by Torbay’s Joint Commissioning Team and Public Health specialists seeking out additional external funding for their own departmental test and learn projects. 

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