Example of: Listening to and learning from communities

Iroko Project’s Creativity and Healing Storytelling Pilot
West Yorkshire

Following the Black Lives Matter campaign and inequalities highlighted during the pandemic, Kirklees Council committed itself to addressing these issues.  A key issue for the community was the lack of commitment and sustainability within past projects.  Building trust was key to improving relationships. 

A consultant specialising in working with people from varying backgrounds designed a framework for engaging with the community, with ambassadors acting as a conduit between the community and the Council.  

Online ‘Hear my Voice’ sessions used language, music and games familiar to the community.  Breakout sessions captured people’s lived experience mapped against other data to inform better understanding of the issues affecting the community and flagging up gaps in services, such as the need for culturally sensitive mental health support.


The Iroko Project is also working with community leaders to build capacity through collaboration and adding social value.

Building trust was key to improving relationships. 


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