Circles 3

Finding The Right Creative Delivery Partner Checklists

Drafting and circulating a brief

  1. Does the brief clearly reference the agreed goals, purpose, outcomes and outputs outlined in your programme framework?
  2. Is the fee/budget reasonable to deliver the initiative as described? Is it based on an understanding of fair pay in the creative sector?
  3. Is the brief clear about expectations for documentation and evaluation, training and a commitment to quality?
  4. Will you offer ‘market place’ or ‘expressions of interest’ meetings for interested parties to meet partners to learn more about the goals of the Creative Health approach before an application is submitted?
  5. If you are going to share applications with participant representatives, have you made this clear in the brief?
  6. Are you in touch with local and national creative networks to support the call for applications?
  7. Does the brief ask for evidence of governance policies and procedures and DBS checks on application?

Shortlisting and appointing applicants

  1. Who will be involved in shortlisting applications? Representatives of all partners?
  2. What will the selection criteria be?
  3. Will you ask for views on applications from representatives of the target cohort?
  4. Will you invite representatives of the target cohort into the interview process?
  5. Will you ask applicants to prepare a presentation or a sample session as part of the interview?
  6. Do you know anything about the Creative Health approaches that the applicants have delivered before? Will you find out?
  7. Will you support development of the Creative Health workforce by giving feedback on unsuccessful applications and/or candidates?
  8. Who will the successful candidate enter into contract with?

Supporting induction

  1. Will you provide feedback on interviews?
  2. Does the creative delivery partner have a good understanding of the goals, purposes, outcomes and outputs expected?
  3. Does the delivery partner have experience working with the target cohort? Could you facilitate a meeting with representatives to aid pre delivery planning?
  4. Is the process for obtaining informed consent from participants clear? Is this based on a template provided by partners so to ensure use of data and images extends to all partners?
  5. Are all processes and procedures for safeguarding made clear at induction?
  6. Have the delivery partner’s governance policies and procedures been checked and verified to be acceptable?
  7. Are any expectations around collecting evidence or impact of the Creative Health approach clear, with evaluation measures provided and explained?
  8. Have training needs been discussed?